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Posted by Joe Johnson on 2019-02-23

Back in 2013 I wrote some code to produce a full translation of the ESV with the first letters, a "First Letter English Standard Version", if you will, for scripture memorization.

There are many useful memorization methods out there. This one works by context recollection, helpful for getting at large portions of text. The first letter of every word is meant to trigger familiar words. This helps me relate each part to the whole.

I’ve managed to get this on my phone with “PocketSword”, my preferred Bible app:

First Letter ESV on Iphone

Here is a download to get you started (*.exe can be ran on any windows computer). In order to convert it to other formats, this tool can be used.

My prayer is that your devotional life grow deeper, your love of the Word grow more robust, that the praise of the LORD will be on your lips and in your heart, and that in his Word you may have hope.

“Those who fear you shall see me and rejoice, because I have hoped in your word.” - Ps. 119:74

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